According to the consumer protection law, online shoppers are entitled to a seven-day appreciation period (hesitation period) after the goods arrive.If you have any doubts about the goods you have received, please keep the goods and invoice properly, and return and replace the goods according to the following ways:
Please accept no return or exchange under any of the following circumstances

  1. More than seven days of indecision (from the next day after receipt of the goods, including holidays).
  2. All the products are new products. In case of any damage or shortage, we will not accept return or replacement.
  3. The appearance of the container caused by minor smudges or dents in the process of transportation will not affect the quality of the goods.
  4. The goods are damaged or deteriorated due to consumers’ wrong way of preservation.
  5. If there is no special reason and prior notice, the service of placing new orders and changing orders for the goods that have been shipped will not be provided.
  6. “Easy to corrupt, short shelf life”, “customized goods”, “newspapers, periodicals or magazines”, “unsealed personal hygiene products” are not applicable to the return and replacement policy.
  7. The product effect is different due to the difference of photos provided by each person. The photos on the official website are for reference only, and the error of the photos does not apply to the policy of return and exchange.
    Methods of return and exchange
    1, contact us, so that we can be timely for you to deal with, and indicate the name of the order, contact telephone number, order number, return reason (if the product is defective, please take a clear picture together with the attached).
  8. The goods must be in the undismantled state of the new products, and the integrity (including outer boxes, invoices, accessories, gifts, etc.) shall be maintained.
  9. After receiving your letter and confirming it is correct, we will arrange someone to contact you.The buyer shall bear the freight, which will be deducted from the refund. We will arrange refund/replacement as soon as possible after the goods are returned.
  10. If the goods are judged to be defective, the goods will be returned and replaced within seven days, and the ordering party only has to bear the transportation expenses.
  11. Due to the special nature of consumable goods (such as food), the Company reserves the right to return or replace the goods.
  12. The refund of the company is in the form of bank transfer. The customer provides the receiving account number, bank, branch name and bank code.